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Congratulations!! You’re now on to the second stage of determining a solution to your water needs.

This is the tricky part. Water as you probably know, is the universal solvent. Therefore it picks up many things from our environment. The tricky part is determining the appropriate resolution. Why, because not all naughty things can be resolved with one solution.

Now if we tell you everything here – I would be out a job. However, as noted on our web page/solutions, contaminants are grouped under the appropriate treatment equipment, example: filters can handle, iron, manganese, taste/odor, sediment, etc.

We provide FREE Consultation. If you have a copy of a water report, email it directly to me: I will review it and get back to you promptly!! You can also give me a call at the office at 902-895-4468.


Hi folks! Now the game of Christmas begins! Nice to see the beautiful lights displayed on the homes.

For the Christmas Season is now offering Free Consultation for homes and businesses. If you are experiencing iron staining poor tasting and smelly water we guarantee a very affordable solution.

Call Paul to set up an appointment at 305 3887.

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