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Congratulations!! You’re now on to the second stage of determining a solution to your water needs.

This is the tricky part. Water as you probably know, is the universal solvent. Therefore it picks up many things from our environment. The tricky part is determining the appropriate resolution. Why, because not all naughty things can be resolved with one solution.

Now if we tell you everything here – I would be out a job. However, as noted on our web page/solutions, contaminants are grouped under the appropriate treatment equipment, example: filters can handle, iron, manganese, taste/odor, sediment, etc.

We provide FREE Consultation. If you have a copy of a water report, email it directly to me: I will review it and get back to you promptly!! You can also give me a call at the office at 902-895-4468.


4 months ago

RenuWater Center

Happy Belated Canada Day Folks!! we have a Special Announcement!! we have moved Renuwater Center to Tatamagouche! 35 Kennedy Lake Road - less than 5 minutes from Tatamagouche - heading towards River John.

RenuWater has been servicing Nova Scotia and Cape Breton
for over 30 years - and we intend offering a very unique service in the future. Our focus will be completely on providing quality water solutions, service and consultation. That is our core competency!

We thank ALL OUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS for allowing us to serve you!! And we will continue improving our products and services. Our customer always come FIRST! Details will be provided soon on our customer service program.

Don't worry if you require filters, UV bulbs, and other water treatment products - we will deliver parts/products outside a 30 minute radius at NO CHARGE to your home.

We appreciate your point of view on our business, and always seeking on how we can serve you better... please let us know if you have any suggestions!

Stay tuned for our upcoming Open House!

Oh remember we are now located at 35 Kennedy Lake Road, Tatamagouche!

We would be very grateful if you could pass this on. Thanks

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5 months ago

RenuWater Center

Hello Everyone - as of July 3rd Renuwater Center's home base will be 35 Kennedy Lake Road, in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. We provide service all the way from the South Shore of Nova Scotia to Cheticamp, Cape Breton. Don't worry we will if you need parts - just call 895 - 4468 and we will deliver what you need quickly and at NO CHARGE.

Please feel free to STOP in any time for a visit and a coffee. More information will follow. Until then watch out for the stuff falling from the sky and enjoy the sun :)
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11 months ago

RenuWater Center

Hi folks! Now the game of Christmas begins! Nice to see the beautiful lights displayed on the homes.

For the Christmas Season is now offering Free Consultation for homes and businesses. If you are experiencing iron staining poor tasting and smelly water we guarantee a very affordable solution.

Call Paul to set up an appointment at 305 3887.

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1 years ago

RenuWater Center

We have an amazing special on for a limited time, When you Purchase new equipment Like an iron filter or water softener with us, then you can get a Reverse osmosis for 50% off ... See MoreSee Less

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1 years ago

RenuWater Center

As we start nearing the end of October so why not have a sale on Reverse osmoisis, get them 50% off when you purchase a water softener or an Iron filter ... See MoreSee Less

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35 Kennedy Lake Road,
Tatamagouche, NS B0K 1V0

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