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10 Important Reasons to Service Water Treatment Equipment

Like most mechanical things, they wear down and eventually break-down – if not serviced.

Water Treatment equipment is designed for filtration and purification of water. The process involves moving water through various phases within the system to convert or filter contaminants and eventually remove them from the household water. To facilitate this process several phases are involved utilizing specific internal components and programmed mechanisms. More details on this subject matter can be found in your product manual. If you don’t have one, please Contact Us.

  1. Annual Service WILL SAVE YOU $$$ in the long run
  2. PROVIDES SAFE DRINKING water and prevents development of BIGGER PROBLEMS
  3. Bi/Annual cleaning keeps the softener resin bed healthy and provides a longer life span AND BETTER PERFORMANCE.
  4. PREVENTS BREAK-DOWN of internal parts
  5. PROLONGS the life span of the internal parts
  6. STOPPING a break-down before it STARTS
  7. PREVENT embarrassing or HARMFUL WATER SITUATIONS with your guests
  8. Provides you with a SENSE OF COMFORT we will call you annually or bi-annually, whatever your situation needs
  9. Our annual service is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY without any extensive cumbersome contracts. We just call you on a scheduled appointment. We always look forward to seeing our customers!!



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For the Christmas Season is now offering Free Consultation for homes and businesses. If you are experiencing iron staining poor tasting and smelly water we guarantee a very affordable solution.

Call Paul to set up an appointment at 305 3887.

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