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There are various levels of testing depending on your geographical location, depth and type of well, and unique contaminants in your region.
Geological studies have also been posted by the government on contaminants of health concerns in specific geographical areas. (see http://novascotia.ca/nse/water/waterquality.natural.water.contaminants.asp)

Currently there is no regulatory requirements for rural residents to test and resolve well water contaminants.


  1. MAC – Maximum Acceptable Concentration (limit to which it may cause adverse health effects) – In the event of exceeding the MAC, it is recommended to install treatment equipment
  2. AO – Aesthetic Objective (limit to which caused unacceptable taste, odor, color, staining, etc.) not necessarily harmful. – If your water exceeds an AO, you may choose to treat your water for two reasons: (1) to prevent staining, scaling, or corrosion of plumbing fixtures and appliances; (2) to make it more pleasing to consume.

We have licensed technicians that can assist you

  1. Conduct water analysis
  2. Examine results and determine harmful or contaminants and AO
  3. Provide consultation on options to remove discovered contaminants

Call 1-800-565-4468 to schedule a Water Test

  • Basic mineral and contaminants under AO are FREE
  • Contaminates under MAC will have a nominal fee applied


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FREE and EASY DIY TEST to see how your water holds up... freeze your water and see what it tells you!

Did you know that just by freezing your water you can see some of the impurities, that were otherwise invisible to the naked eye.
The impurities are what keep your ice from looking clear..
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