Nova Scotia and Cape Breton have some of the most challenging water in Canada. Book a Water Quality Test to find out what’s in your water.

RenuWater Solutions custom installations are:

  • Designed for the correct capacity to remove all contaminants
  • Tailored for commercial or residential water treatment needs
  • Made by trustworthy manufacturers familiar with North American water issues

100% Guaranteed Service and Solutions!!

Guidelines for equipment replacement:

  • Softeners 10-15 years
  • Iron filters 20+ years with regular maintenance and filter media changes.
  • Reverse Osmosis 10 years
  • UV light purification system bulb & sleeve replaced annually. We do not recommend changing this yourself – there are delicate parts that will break easily.

Water contaminants can change over time. If you have equipment coming to the end of its life, book a free* water quality test with us before you invest in new equipment.

* call out rates apply

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Our promise is to find the right solution for your water treatment needs.

Do you accept installment payments on new equipment?

No household left behind. We believe that large upfront payments shouldn’t keep you from having access to clean safe water.

We accept payments in installments on all new and custom installation work.

This allows you to spread the cost over a longer period of time, without extra interest charges, all while enjoying the benefits of properly treated water right away.

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