Nova Scotia’s water is unique in the world, and it’s got a lot going on! Depending on your location, your water may contain arsenic, lead, manganese or uranium, or even be loaded with bacteria! And the situation can change over time, so regular water testing is important to ensure the health of everyone in your home. RenuWater’s certified water treatment technicians can deliver the best water quality to your taps – every time!

How do I choose a water treatment company in Nova Scotia?

  • Company is certified under the “Canadian Water Quality Association”
  • Verify company exists in Nova Scotia and has a good reputation
  • Warning “there are shady individuals selling water treatment products” with pricing excessive over market value!!
  • Check pricing is Fair Market Price
  • Good BBB rating

There’s very little monitoring or advisories of the water conditions in most rural areas (independent wells) to prevent any of these issues from affecting your household.

What are the common contaminants in rural Nova Scotia well water?

Dangerous Contaminants

  • Bacteria (E. coli and coli form)
  • Arsenic
  • Uranium
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Nitrites

Aesthetically Unpleasant Contaminants

  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Hardness
  • Sediment

Are there water issues in urban areas of Nova Scotia using municipal water?

Yes, there are. Municipal water is typically safe but may not be to your taste!

  • Taste and odour due to use of chlorine and fluoride.
  • Chlorine is necessary to ensure no harmful substances are in the water – but the side effect of chlorine taste and odour still remains.
  • Towns periodically have boiled water advisories in effect due to health concerns with possible water contamination.
  • The common alternative is to buy bottled water. On average, North Americans drink 24 gallons of bottled water a year, which is approximately $9.8 billion bottles of water, this year alone. This is costly and a major inconvenience.

Do I need to test my water?

Currently there are no regulatory requirements for rural residents to test and resolve well water contaminants. However, we certainly recommend doing so, for your health and peace of mind!

RenuWater Solutions provides in home basic water testing and can also facilitate more in depth lab testing for such things as: bacteria, arsenic, lead, uranium, nitrates, etc.